February 01, 2013

Why Moving A Lot is Like Finding the Right Relationship

So. We're here on Long Island. And before we moved here from California, I knew nothing about Long Island. I didn't know about getting a cup of cawfee or going to the pawk with my dwog. I didn't even know the LonGuyLand accent was a thing. I didn't know the deliciousness that is a nice cold bottle of Poland Springs.

Basically, I was ignorant of anything east of Utah. {and to those of you might ask, "Why the hell do you even know as far east as Utah? I personally stop in Las Vegas." I grew up in Utah. That's why.}

But, I now I know these things. And I also know Long Island is cold. And windy. And full of potholes. And the infrastructure....eh....not so much.

I'm not going to lie: it's easy to complain about the things I don't like here. The Costco is always crowded. The power goes out and stays out during tropical storms that would make Sint Maarten laugh. For some reason, the parks here hate dogs. I know for some on Sint Maarten, it was easy to complain about say, people getting mugged or the water going out or the grocery store not stocking their favorite licorice for months at a time {oh, that was just me}. Before I know it, we'll be moving again for B's residency and {hopefully} we'll move again for Fellowship. All this moving makes me want to have a nervous break down. {Not really. But, sort of.}

However, as I was doing the dishes, I had a thought. Because my thinking only occurs over dirty plates and the lack of a dishwasher.

Moving to new places is like finding the right relationship.

 Remember when you were 16 and you had your first "serious" boyfriend and your dad was just like, "What are you doing?! Don't you want to just date a lot of people and...find out, you know, the type of person you like....what you like and don't like? Or never date anyone ever?"

Yeah, moving is like that.

I've lived in quite a few different places. Utah was pretty {definitely} homogenous and my mind. was. blown. when I moved to California for the first time. Every time we've moved, there's different aspects of our new city to get used to. That's the tough thing and, ultimately, the awesome thing about moving so much.

You get to experience different "types" of cities. Different people, different cultures, different food, different weather, different attitudes, different religions. Somewhere along the way, you find you have preferences you didn't even know you had! You find yourself thinking where you want to live when you ultimately {finally} settle down. Whether a big city with tons of nightlife is your thing. Whether the most important thing to you is having nice weather year round {ahem...} or whether you don't mind having to put on a thousand layers when you go outside with your crazy dog who has to go to bathroom in complete, uninterrupted privacy. If you like having a car or think walking everywhere is awesome. If Mexican food is a Want or a Need. {Need. Everyone here from California has confirmed it's a need.} If you highly prefer a place filled with people who listen to NPR and do yoga. ;)

Or whatever.

The point is: it's a pretty amazing opportunity to live in so many different and new places and experience so many different cities. Even if you don't exactly enjoy where you're currently living. Even if you're basically at the mercy of The Match. It's a challenge. It changes you.

And when you finally find the right place and finally settle down in one spot {which we will. Someday!}...well, that... That will make all the other places you've lived seem pretty worth it. :)

{Or that's what I'm going to tell myself next time I have to stand out in the cold forever with The Bean.}

I know I'm jumping the gun today. But, I'm going to link this over at Medical Mondays. Which you should totally check out by the way.

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  1. I totally get this! While I wasn't fond of Pittsburgh, it wasn't that I didn't like the city itself because it's a great city! I just found out that I wasn't a city girl. At all - even though I tried! And unfortunately I didn't have an option to move away for 2 years so I had to find ways to keep my inner country girl sane in a huge (to me) city.
    Now that we no longer live there (and hopefully are now located where we will settle...for a while) I reflect back and think that maybe the 'burgh wasn't all that bad. It made me realize how much I appreciate living where we are now. :)
    So I guess if anything I can thank Medical School for allowing me to realize that although I wanted nothing more than to leave my small town and get out of MO when I graduated, I just needed some time to get away to realize how much I loved what I already had.

  2. I'm with you - moving is equally nerve wracking and fun!

    And ditto Corinne. My four years in Shreveport, Louisiana were stifling but I think they taught me a lot about myself.

    You could never live here, by the way. The Mexican food is abysmal. Semi-related -- one time I tried to order gumbo at a restaurant and the server tried to talk me out of it because it was really spicy. I ordered it anyway. Not spicy. AT all.

  3. So glad Doc H is done moving around. We're happy where we are. Thank Goodness!!!! I hate moving. The thought of packing up my closet terrifies me!
    Thank you for the MM shout out!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone on the grid, reading, and hopefully meeting some new bloggers! :)

  4. Agreed.
    I have anxiety and excitement when we move. It's a vicious cycle :)

  5. Well said, girl! Moving from a place that you're in love with, to a place that you're not in love with, makes it so much more difficult, too!

    It will be worth it, in the end. When you have a house, with babies, and a garden in the ground, all the moving will make sense! :)

    You guys don't have that much more time on LI.. I love the accent that you've expressed in your words.. :) Not many people can say that they've driven from coast to coast the way that you have! :)

  6. We are trying so hard to be open and excited about the possibility of moving for residency. You never know what you're missing until you try somewhere new, right??

  7. I remember when S and I were together I would really try to enjoy all the places that he went and all the opportunities that I got to visit these places. While you might HATE where you are right now (S lived in LI too... so I totally feel your pain!) at least you're getting a chance to kind of weed out the places you definitely DON'T want to end up!

  8. Thanks for linking up with medical mondays! You are on to something. For me moving has helped me appreciate "home". I never realized how beautiful home was until I was away for a long time. Getting to live in different places has certainly made me more aware of weather systems, politics, and seasons!

  9. We moved around early in our marriage and the great thing is we have friends in many different places!

  10. You're very kind to say that the things that I make look great. Most of the time they taste pretty good too, but sometimes.. I just want to get takeout. I've been feeling this way a lot, but resisted the urge, ugh.

    Anyway, I said I'd let you know about tortillas, and here's that update.. They are the easiest thing I've ever made in my life. Seriously. The dough is easy to make, it's easy to roll out, too. Even without a real rolling pin- with the empty wine bottle, easy as pie. Try them! :) If I were at home I might try to get fancy and make "pesto" tortillas or something, but.. I don't think that I would want to use pesto in tortilla dough, in the event that I were to make it, which I have not. haha.


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