May 02, 2013

How the Cold New York Weather Ate My Brain

Well. Hello, there.

The Spaces Between These Pictures Are Much Bigger Than The Others
I believe the New York weather ate my brain. After living in warm climates for almost two years, I forgot how to function in the cold.

I believe that's called hibernation. Or something.

Only appropriate given our nicknames.

You'd think the cold would make me want to huddle up inside with a nice cup of hot toddy chocolate and write something, but it really just made me want to put The Bean in a sweater and never leave my bed. Plus, it hardly snowed here. It mostly drizzled and rained and blustered from October to May and the news tells me that the rainfall this year was three inches below normal.

The Trees That Make Me Sneeze.
But, it's sunny now and the trees are bothering my eyes and giving me a severe allergic reaction blooming and The Bean and B and I are back to having adventures that mainly involve medical school, graduate school and wedding planning on the weekends.

The Bean and I visited the legendary Coindre Hall a few weekends ago. Last weekend, B and I went to that bastion of corned beef deliciousness Katz Deli and to Central Park. We also hiked the Walt Whitman Trail and I was extremely angry when we got to the highest point on Long Island and all we saw was a damn water tower. I was lured in by Walt's talk of leaves of grass and all that.

Dog Selfies

I was lied to.

I didn't even take a picture.

We hiked to the top and all I saw was a big ol' blue water tank {much like the ones that are all over every damn hamlet and village here that don't require a hike to get to} and I just kept walking. I mean hiking. It was the most disappointing hike I'd ever been on. This should tell you whether I've been on a large number of hikes or a small number of hikes. I won't tell you which is correct. Plus, we wandered around on the horse trails, not heading in the right direction, until we came across two women explaining to their toddlers how to follow trail markers and that "the white spots of paint on the trees let us know which way to go."


That should also tell you how many hikes I've been on.

PS: I also forgot to mention that B was away in California to take Step 2 CS and while he was gone Pinterest told me it was really easy to give yourself side bangs. So I did that. And it wasn't easy. Moral of the story: no more leaving to take tests, B! And someone should take away the shears.

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  1. I remember your pain during my first real winter in the midwest. I couldn't do anything! I need sunshine:-) And lock up the shears only a professional should cut bangs especially for the first time - we all learn that the hard way!

  2. What a bummer that the hike was such a let down!

    And while my allergies suffer when things begin to bloom as well, at least their beautiful to look at!

  3. I'm glad to see that you are back! :)

    Although I like the cold, when it only rains and doesn't snow, it can be overwhelmingly depressing. It's true. :(

    If you count your time in California then it was longer, right?! :) I'm surprised you didn't go back to visit, too.

  4. I missed you, chicky. And Bean! I am not good with cold either. I am living proof that Seasonal Affective Disorder is real!


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