June 01, 2013


 B had Memorial Day off and I declared us on staycation.

Thanks to my favorite radio station in the entire world, we finally drove into Brooklyn. I have no idea why we have lived on Long Island for almost a year and never gone there. Especially since where we live is a cultural wasteland {sorry not sorry} and Brooklyn is not.

There's a food truck rally every so often in Prospect Park and when I read about it of course we had to go. I even woke up early on the weekend so B and I could get ready and fully mentally prepare for our awesome adventure. We brought along our favorite feral animal to enjoy the sights and sounds.

Prospect Park is so great. People were out enjoying the sun, playing bongo drums and reading from random scripts. Also barbeque and playing with their dogs. I kept telling B I wanted to participate and he kept telling me that we were as we were walking Moka, taking pictures and sitting in the sun. I really just wanted a hot dog, tin foil dinner and maybe to hang out with the people playing the bongos. Also, the picnic house has a little cafe called A Moveable Feast.

We ate our food truck goodies and wandered around the park for a long time. B wanted to walk to the Brooklyn Bridge until we realized it would take over an hour. So....we drove into Brooklyn Heights and wandered around the promenade. We didn't get far when we noticed a bunch of people wandering in and out of an abandoned building.

Which turned out to be an old tobacco warehouse full of food vendors and delicious doughnuts. We took our doughnuts and ate under the bridge while not believing our luck at stumbling into a wonderful day of food.

PS: We also finally set a date and location for our wedding. Yay! :)


  1. Congrats on wedding date and location. Excited to follow you on that journey!

    Sounds like this was a lovely day as well. Bean looks so big. She always looked a bit smaller.

  2. Ok first off - your wedding location...WOW!!! Absolutely STUNNING! I cannot wait to see how things continue to unfold for you two!

    I love the idea of a staycation - looks like you two took full advantage of it!

  3. Went to Brooklyn for the first time in April and absolutely loved it! I walked around for hours with my friend. We went to a flea market on saturday morning and they had the BEST food tents and doughnuts!

  4. OMG that location for your wedding is absolutely freaking AMAZING!!! What day are you guys getting married?!?!!
    So exciting!!

    YAY for staycations too! LI is ughhhhhhhhh yuck! I didn't like it there at all when S was doing his residency there so I feel your pain!

    can't wait to hear more about these wedding plans!


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