January 28, 2014


Things were a little too pink around this blog. I'm way too anxious about the upcoming Match for all this pink and happiness. In my anxiety fueled angst I've resorted to "weight lifting" (does it count if the weights are 10lbs and neon colored?) and eating a lot of peanut butter. Coping skills. 

I haz them.

My coping skills also include:

- leaving a lot of dirty dishes in the sink
- binge watching period dramas (that sounds so much worse than it actually is) on Amazon Instant
- eating peanut butter
- letting laundry pile up for two weeks and then dragging it all to the laundromat where a man proceeds to say That's a lot of laundry to which I say Tell me about it.
- binge reading in the bathtub
- eating peanut butter
-vowing to give up social media
-realizing I can't give up social media because it's my job and part of my concentration at school
- checking the countdown on my phone to see if maybe it's wrong and there are really less days to Match than I thought
- counting all the cold places on "our" ROL
-counting all the warm places on "our" ROL
- realizing there is a 50/50 chance we end up in a place with a lot of snow
-mentally preparing for snow
- eating peanut putter

Seriously. B came back from an interview and asked me if I seriously ate almost the whole jar.

Yes. Yes, I did.


  1. I hear ya on this whole "match" thing. Keeping busy with kids, going to the gym and staying away from any computer that allows "googling" about any of the possibilities. I am sure it will turn out great and you guys will be happy with where you end up!!!!!

  2. Can't wait to hear where y'all match! The waiting is the hardest part!

  3. eww waiting for Match Day is quite possibly the worst thing ever. I've been thinking of y'all! Is your Match day the week of March 17th? And snow isn't all that bad - it's actually quite fun! :)


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